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Session 4. Intracontinental deformation and slowly deforming areas

Conveners: N. d'Agostino, J. Jackson, A. Walpersdorf, L. Bastos

Today, the archives of space-geodetic observations (such as GNSS, InSAR) cover time intervals of more than 20 years and now enable us to recognize extremely slow crustal deformation. Careful analyses of these observations yield highly precise 3D velocity fields. Moreover, they are also starting to detect long-term transient deformations even in regions of low tectonic activity.

These results highlight features such as the activity of slow faults, but also crust-mantle interactions and more generally the presence of volume forces, as well as surface processes, for example related to hydrology or climatology. New approaches are needed to identify and understand the sources of moderate or rare seismic activity in continental regions and slowly deforming areas. In this sense, in regions where records of past seismic activity are poorly preserved, geodetic estimates of tectonic deformation improve the assessment of seismic hazard.

We encourage contributions based on a multi-technique approach integrating space-geodetic techniques with seismology, paleo-seismology, gravimetry, historical evidence, geological fieldwork and geomorphology, as well as other types of information (such as sea level, hydrology, meteorology) to improve our understanding of slow and intracontinental deformation.


Keynote speaker

Eric Calais - Ecole normale supérieure - France
A new paradigm for large earthquakes in stable continental regions


Detailed Oral Program

Tuesday 11th September

4PM - 6:30PM: 

Large earthquakes in stable continental regions (invited)

Eric Calais

Links between earthquake depths, lithosphere thickness and rheology on the continents

James Jackson

Mapping intracontinental strain in the Alpine-Himalayan Belt with Sentinel-1: Progress and Challenges

Tim Wright

Multi-annual strain variations induced by hydrological cycles in Central Apennine

Roberto Devoti

Present-day crustal deformation in Romania from continuous and episodic GNSS measurements

Alexandra Muntean

Improved estimates of Caribbean plate motion and rigidity from COCONet and campaign GPS observations

Glen Mattioli

Seismotectonics of the 2017 Botswana earthquake (Mw 6.5): An active zone in intraplate Africa

Mustapha Meghraoui

Crustal faults in the Java subduction zone from GPS observations: Implications for fault slip partitioning

Achraf Koulali

Weak sub-fault shear zones revealed by earthquake activity on the slowly-deforming Kenchreai Fault (central Greece)

Alex Copley


List of Posters

Quantitative impact of structural inheritance on present-day deformation and seismicity concentration in continental intraplate regions

A. Tarayoun, S. Mazzotti, F. Gueydan

Eurasia-North America plate motion and Glacial Isostatic Adjustment

Eric Calais, Luce Fleitout

Intraplate deformation in central-western Europe from GPS data

Lavinia Tunini, Eric Calais

Analysing the ionospheric signals in slow to medium deformation regions from GNSS time series

Luísa Bastos, Dalmiro Maia, Américo Magalhães

Intraplate seismicity in mid-plate South America: correlations with geophysical lithospheric parameters

Hans Agurto-Detzel, Marcelo Assumpcao, Marcelo Bianchi, Marlon Pirchiner

Distribution of Present-Day Vertical Deformation of the Rif Domain (Morocco) From Continuous GPS data

Abdelali Fadil, Abdelilah Tahayt, Philippe Vernant, Robert Reilinger, Taoufik Mourabit, Mimoun Harnafi, Mohamed Amar

Distributed extensional deformation at the continent-ocean transition stage

Cécile Doubre

Characterizing surface deformation in the 1990 Rudbar earthquake (Iran) using optical image correlation

Najme Ajorlou, James Hollingsworth, Zahra Mousavi, Abdolreza Ghods, Zohreh Masoumi

Crustal stresses induced by variations in land temperature and continental water storage

Kristel Chanard, Luce Fleitout

Lithosphere deformation and seismicity distribution in intraplate domains, the Western Europe example

Maxime Bernaudin, Stephane Mazzotti, Jean Chéry, Frédéric Gueydan, Philippe Vernant

3D deformation in the South-Western European Alps (Briançon region) revealed by 20 years of geodetic data

Marguerite Mathey, Andrea Walpersdorf

Confronting integrated fault activity with recent seismicity in metropolitan France. Any consistency?

Amaury Vallage, Laurent Bollinger

Monitoring the slowly deforming subduction to collision transition zone in the Balkans : the ALBA project

Marianne Métois, Mouna Benjelloun, cecile lasserre, Raphaël GRANDIN, François Jouanne, Riccardo Vassallo, Rexhep Koçi, Neki Kuka, Edmond Dushi

Mapping and Spatiotemporal Analysis of Land Subsidence in the Beijing Plain by PSI with Multi-source SAR Data

Chaodong Zhou, Huili Gong, Hengxing Lan, Youquan Zhang

First Assessment of Vertical Crustal Motion by Space borne and Local Observations in the Rhine-Main and Upper Rhinegraben Region

Matthias Becker, Bayzidul Islam, Damian Bargiel, Rouwen Lehné, Andreas Henk



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