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The conference will be held in Grenoble INP ENSE3 - Site Bergès (CRAYA Amphitheatre) in the University of Grenoble instead of ISTerre (Wilfrid Kilian Amphitheatre).

Geographical address

Grenoble INP ENSE3 - Site Bergès
1025, rue de la Piscine
Building A - CRAYA Amphitheatre
38400 SAINT MARTIN D’HÈRES (38610 GIÈRES is also working)

GPS: 45.1953732° / 5.769380100000035°

How to come from Grenoble train station?

From the train station (in the city center), a tram runs every 5 minutes to the campus. Take tram "Line B" going to "Gières plaine des sports". Stop at "Bibliothèques universitaires".

Head to the north (tram platforms are oriented north-south) towards "Rue des mathématiques" (160m). Turn left onto "Rue des mathématiques" (140m). Turn right onto "Rue de la piscine" (190m). Keep right on "Rue de la piscine". Grenoble INP ENSE3 - Bergès is located on the left of the street at number 1025.

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